Welcome to the beginning of the universe! You are a being of light, and in front of you is a box that is also brimming with light, and it's about to burst. Around you is the infinite black void.

In this surreal interactive fiction game, you are the creator of your own universe, and you have power to create anything you want! Set it off with a big bang, and embark on an adventure with your choice of interacting with multiple universes, or creating yourself some friends to populate your universe. But with great power comes great responsibility; you must protect your fragile creation. From jealous foes to greedy foreign invaders, it is your duty to restore equilibrium to your universe against powerful opposing forces while causing the least amount of destruction possible.

With two completely different adventures full of crucial choices to make, how will you defend your beautiful creation from total destruction? Explore the cosmology of your own creation story as you set a moral example for the greater good of the universe.


This game has two separate timelines, and within each timeline, there is only one way to win, and 6 ways to lose in one timeline, and 8 ways to lose in the other. Play through Creating a Universe multiple times to win in both timelines!

You know if you won if you see a ★ at the end of the passage. If you lose, you will see a ✖ symbol. (See examples below.)

This interactive game was created in Twine by Lauren Smith for IMS 445.

Install instructions

Since this game is a .html file, you can play it by opening the file in your internet browser, right here on this itch.io page. You may also download the Twine software to open and play the game. An internet browser and keyboard are required to play.


Rulebook/Game Design Document 514 kB

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