The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and everything seems to be going your way. Your parents left you at home to puppy-sit while they go to the grocery store, but you don’t want to be cooped up inside on such a beautiful day. As you take your precious family pup out to the backyard, he spots a hole in the bushes that wasn’t there before and makes a mad dash to escape.

Oh man, your parents are going to kill you if you don’t get him back to the yard before they get home from the store!

Chase your dodgy dog as he trots an unpredictable route through the forest maze, maneuvering around obstacles such as streams and rocks. But watch out for the birds, because he loves to chase after them! Your dog is too mischievous for you to catch, but you have no choice but to frantically chase him back home, or you’re grounded forever!

Arrow keys: Move
R key: Restart
Z key: Undo

This game was created in Puzzlescript by Lauren Smith and Rachel Thieman for IMS 445.

Install instructions

Since this game is a .html file, you can play it by opening the file in your internet browser, right here on this page. An internet browser and keyboard are required to play.


Rulebook/Game Design Document 915 kB

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